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Botox Side Effects and Other Frequently Asked Questions
August 15, 2018
Botox Side Effects and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Botox is so ubiquitous nowadays that a naturally aging face seems a rarity. Yet those of us who are new to this marvel of anti-aging medicine may be wondering if Botox is…

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Heart Shaped Face Can Be Yours
Heart-Shaped Face Can Be Sculpted with Botox and Filler

The Heart-Shape: Contouring Cheeks, Chin and Jawline There’s no denying that a heart-shaped face is both feminine and attractive. But what do you do if you don’t fall into the category of…

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Chin Augmentation with Dermal Filler
Chin Augmentation with Dermal Filler for a Beautiful Profile

The Science of Beauty Distilled Down to a Formula In nature symmetry is synonymous with beauty. Across the plant and animal kingdom symmetry is a marker of genetic quality and superiority, a…

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Glowing Skin Secrets
Over 40: Three Glowing Skin Secrets to Look Decades Younger

Plump, Supple Skin Not Only for the Young Twenty-something enviable skin, with its natural firmness and dewy glow, isn’t out of reach for the over 40 crowd anymore. Thanks to extraordinary advances…

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Banish Eye Wrinkles Without Surgery
July 11, 2018
Over 40: Banish Eye Wrinkles & Dark Circles Without Surgery

Eye Wrinkles and Dark Circles Make Us Look Older Our eyes are the first to show the visible signs of aging. Eye wrinkles, dark circles and crepey skin happen due to normal…

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Jowl Lift Without Surgery
Over 40: Jawline Enhancement and Jowl Lift Without Surgery

Chiseled Yet Feminine Jawline An Icon of Beauty An elegantly sculpted jawline imparts a certain feminine allure that catches the eye. Think of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie or Cindy Crawford whose…

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Lip Injections For Over 40
Over 40: Lip Injections That Look and Feel As Natural As Your Own

Lip Injections Can Give You A More Youthful Appearance As we enter our 40’s the lips can undergo a number of unflattering changes that can make us look older and less attractive….

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Brotox for men to look fresh and well-rested
June 10, 2018
Brotox: Guys, It Can Help You Look More Refreshed and Well-Rested

More Men are Getting Botox than Ever Before Some guys scoff at the idea of getting Brotox injections (Botox for men) thinking it will rob them of their masculinity and facial expression….

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Dermal Fillers Give You What Mother Nature Didn't
Dermal Fillers Give You What Mother Nature Didn’t

Maybe They’re Born with It, Maybe it’s Dermal Filler If you’ve always dreamed of having higher cheekbones, stronger chin or a more defined jawline it’s no longer out of reach. Whether you’re…

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