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BOTOX Cosmetic® Basics for Moms

BOTOX Cosmetic® for Mother’s Day? 5 Anti-Wrinkle Facts for Moms

There are many reasons to get BOTOX Cosmetic® injections. But if you’re a mom you’re even more deserving. Let’s face it, you experience child-related stress on a daily basis. Did you know that prolonged stress can cause premature wrinkles and creases to form?  And if you already have them, lines can become even deeper from all that worrying, frowning and even laughing. Additionally, many moms start to experience tension headaches after dealing with stress all day long. First at work then at home. That’s where BOTOX® can help. Here are five reasons why moms should consider BOTOX® their ally to look and feel great.

What Can Botox Do?

BOTOX Cosmetic® can help tired moms look more refreshed and well-rested. It reduces wrinkles by preventing the muscle movement that causes expression lines. If you’re prone to droopy eyelids, Botox can create a beautiful eyebrow lift and open up the eye area. Additionally, deep lines around the eyes (crow’s feet) can be softened and even prevented with Botox.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

People are always surprised by how quick and comfortable their Botox procedure is. The longest part is the paperwork (if it’s your first time) and discussing your goals with your physician. The injections only take a few minutes and you can resume your daily activities immediately. A tiny needle is used to inject the Botox so most “pokes” cannot be detected. Click here for more Botox FAQ’s.

How Long Does Botox Last?

Botox lasts anywhere from three to six months and the effects wear off gradually. If you choose not to maintain your Botox injections then you face will return to its original appearance. Maintaining your Botox regularly, however, has some well-established benefits. After years of regular treatments the muscles start to develop the “bio-feedback” effect whereby patients’ Botox lasts longer between appointment.

Botox is a Highly Safe and Effective Medication

Many people don’t realize that Botox is a drug because it’s used for cosmetic reasons. But before it became an anti-wrinkle phenomenon Botox was used therapeutically to control eye spasms and for other neurological conditions.

The drug is a highly purified protein derived from the botulinum bacterium. After having undergone pharmaceutical processing, only the beneficial properties remain. Complications are very rare and when they do occur, they are only temporary.

Who Shouldn’t Use Botox?

Even though Botox has demonstrated outstanding safety history, some people are not suitable candidates for this medication. Mothers who are either nursing, are pregnant or might be pregnant again cannot have Botox injections. There are also a number or rare neurological or health conditions that are contraindicated when it comes to botulinum treatments. If you’ve never had Botox before it’s best to discuss your health history with your physician prior to starting your anti-wrinkle treatments.

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