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Summer Cheeks, Lips & Brows Rejuvenation Package $1495 (Save $650)

April 2019 Limited Time Offer

Get ready for summer! Warm weather means more outdoor time with friends and loved ones. You've got this! Impress everyone at that patio party or weekend escape looking refreshed, rejuvenated and even a little more glamourous. Our Summer Cheeks, Lips & Brows Rejuvenation Package will leave your cheekbones and lips beaming with sensuous volume and definition while giving your brows a subtle, flirty lift.

Summer Cheeks, Lips & Brows Rejuvenation Package includes:

Juvederm® Voluma® 2 syringes cheeks,
Juvederm® Volift® or Volbella® 1 syringe lips
BOTOX® 20 units brow lift
$1495 (regular $2150)

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Summer Makeover Video

What Other Areas of the Face Can be Treated with Juvederm®?

In addition to cheeks and lips, Juvederm® can be used to enhance the following areas:

  • Tear troughs (under-eye area) - treat volume loss and mask dark circles
  • Lips - enhance volume, definition and projection
  • Temples - fill in hollowness to give the face balance
  • Cheeks - elevate cheeks, define cheekbones
  • Nasolabial folds - soften the creases around the mouth/nose
  • Skin - improve moisture and glow with (using Volite Skin Hydrators)

Dermal fillers have evolved considerably over the last several years. A number of innovations have made them highly specialized and long-lasting. One such advancement is the introduction of Vycross® technology. It refers to the way Juvederm molecules are cross-linked, making the filler more stable, last up to 24 months and available in various gel thickness.

During your consultation Dr. Kuzmar will review your concerns and aesthetic needs and recommend the best placement of filler to help you achieve your rejuvneation goals.

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JUVEDERM® VYCROSS® Technology: What Is It?

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Conditions: This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions or gift certificates. Limit one per client.

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