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How To Glow from Within for the Holidays

How To Glow from Within for the Holidays

Some people have a captivating inner glow. They seem to radiate an aura of luminosity and it’s not always easy to pin-point exactly what makes them so alluring. It’s a combination of inner and outer qualities. One indisputable factor, however, that definitely adds to the appeal and attracts attention is supple, healthy skin. So what do you do if your complexion has been looking lackluster lately? Read on to discover three secrets to get that coveted lit-from-within look in just four weeks.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate and then Hydrate Some More

Impressive things happen to your skin when you drink sufficient liquids. Blemishes clear up. Fine lines and crepey skin disappears as if by magic. If you don’t drink enough water it’s the number one change you can make today to get you one step closer to luminous skin.

But water isn’t enough. You need good nutrition too. That enigmatic glow from within takes healthy skin cells and collagen. The best way to boost your cellular health is by incorporating green juices into your diet. It’s always best to make your own fresh juice at home using skin-loving green veggies such as kale, parsley and cucumbers. Experiment until you find a juice recipe that suits your palette then drink 4-6 glasses per week.

One caveat to keep in mind. Sometimes starting a juicing program can result in a skin break out as your body throws off large amount of toxins. It’s normally a very good thing for your skin and overall health but not if you have a holiday party coming up. That’s why you should start any juicing regimen at least 3-4 weeks in advance of any special occasions.

Glow From Within with Volite Skin Hydrators

You know the saying “fake it until you make it?” You can use it to your advantage and nobody will know you had Juvederm Volite Skin Hydrators. Volite is cross-linked Hyaluronic acid (HA) that gets injected in tiny amounts all over your face to give your skin intense hydration.

HA has the ability to attract 1000 times its own weight in water. This means that once the HA molecules plump up with water under your skin, you will look moisturized and supple even during the cold and dry winter months. Your face will literally glow from the inside out because well hydrated skin reflects light much better than when you’re dry and extremely parched.

Smooth Your Complexion with a Skin Peel

Your skin can’t glow if your face is covered in brown spots and other texture irregularities. That’s why skin peels are still a popular choice for removing years of build-up and sun damage from the skin’s surface. Clean, freshly resurfaced skin helps your natural oils distribute more evenly and you’ll look more radiant as a result.

Plan in advance for any type of skin peel. It takes about two weeks to fully recover and for your complexion to look its best. For holiday parties in mid to late December you’ll want to book your facial peels for mid November. Keep in mind that skin peels come in different strengths so it’s best to have a detailed consultation before booking.

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