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3 Treatments That Help to Build Collagen for Skin Firmness

Over time our own natural skin collagen declines and our once plump complexion and defined features slowly start to look like the “before” photo we see on plastic surgeon’s websites. The rate at which this happens depends on a number of factors such as genetics and lifestyle but on average we lose 1% of collagen every year. When it comes to skin firmness and elasticity, prevention is the best approach. Below are 3 non-surgical procedures that boost collagen for skin health and vitality well into your 40’s and 50’s.

Stimulate Skin Collagen with Microneedling

All microneedling procedures some skin-tightening effect because the micro-injuries created by tiny needles cause the body to initiate a powerful healing response that builds collagen in the process. PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a popular treatment that combines microneedling with the body’s own growth factors to accelerate collagen production.

PRP treatments can be administered through a syringe directly under the skin or using a device such as the MicroPen. Each method has its advantages; however, if collagen-building for skin tightening is the end goal then the MicroPen is the best way to achieve this. It’s an automated tool that deploys 12 micro needles into the dermis quickly and efficiently while traveling along the skin’s surface. Downtime is only several days and the benefits can be observed after 4 weeks.

Profound RF for More Intense Skin Tightening

If dermal collagen loss is greater than 25% then the skin may require something more powerful to reverse the decline and stimulate collagen fibers to regenerate. That’s when the assistance of radiofrequency (RF) technology in combination with microneedling can help to improve skin volume in addition to tightening.

Profound RF treatment first breaks down the disordered and unhealthy collagen that’s lacking in elasticity by subjecting it to a zap with the RF energy. The body immediately goes to work to repair the damage and rebuilds the collagen network in a manner more resembling younger skin. Peak skin-tightening occurs after 6-12 months and one treatment is sufficient to see excellent results.

Boost Skin Collagen with Juvederm Skin Hydrators

There’s a new player on the skin injectable market called Juvederm Volite Skin Booster that’s administered via multiple tiny injections. What’s unique about this procedure is that in the short-term it boosts hydration levels making the complexion more hydrated and supple.

Over the long-term, clinical evidence support that a skin-firming effect occurs due to collagen synthesis in response to the micro punctures.

Dr. Nino Kuzmar is a Toronto general practitioner practicing non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation and enhancement procedures for the face and neck. His extensive clinical experience, training and expertise in the area of cosmetic injectables, laser and energy based technologies spans 12 years. BOOK YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION

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