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Youthful Jawline Contouring with Belkyra

Get Rid of Your Double Chin without Surgery
What if you could safely and permanently get rid of your double chin and create a more defined jawline all without surgery? It’s not only possible but extremely effective with a new injectable treatment called Belkyra which is Health Canada approved to treat submental (under the chin) fullness. The jawline contouring effects are also beneficial for patients who don’t necessarily have a full chin but would like a more defined and attractive jawline. In additional to treat fat Belkyra also demonstrates a subtle rejuvenation effect on the skin.

What exactly is Belkyra?
Belkyra uses a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies, to permanently eliminate fat cells under the chin. Using a precision grid pattern, Bekyra is carefully injected in the submental area. Gradually, as the fat cells are destroyed and removed by the body, the jawline takes on a more defined appearance and the double chin in most cases is eliminated. It may take anywhere from 1-3 sessions to achieve the desired results and your physician will advise you once assessing the area to be treated.

Are you a good candidate?
The ideal candidate for Belkyra is a man or woman with unwanted submetal fat due to either excess weight, hormones or even genetic predisposition. In most cases Belkyra can significantly improve the facial contours, making the face look younger, slimmer and healthier. Although Belkyra does have a very slight skin-tightening effect, patients with too much skin sagging may not achive the desired results. For this reason Belkyra is generally recommended for patients with little to moderate laxity in the submental area.

What can I expect after the treatment?
It’s perfectly normal for patients to experience swelling immediately post treatment which can last for several weeks. Swelling, numbness and a tingling sensation indicates that the treatment is working as intended and is not cause for alarm. The injection site can feel a little hard to the touch, also a normal healing reaction to Belkyra injections.

When do results become noticeable?
Results develop gradually over time. In most cases the area can look worse before it gets better. Once the swelling subsides results start to become visible; however, the full number of sessions recommended by your doctor will be necessary to achieve the desired improvement.

Belkyra can cost $1200-$3600 per session, depending on how many vials are required.

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Note: in the USA Belkyra is called Kybella.


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