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How Much Filler Does It Take to Get Kylie Jenner Lips?

The “Kylie” Phenomenon
It’s called the “Kylie Jenner” and it’s the most coveted and requested lip shape and size by young women everywhere. This youngest ‘Kardashian’ has single-handedly revitalized the lip injection industry by transforming her lips overnight from barely-there to breath-taking in the most talked about makeover of all time. Kylie’s enhanced lips have more volume and definition than before and are nicely proportioned.

How Much Filler is Required to Get the “Kylie?”
The exact number of syringes required to achieve such a dramatic transformation remains Kylie’s secret although it’s not very difficult to venture a guess if you’re an experienced injector and used to working with lips. According to Dr. Kuzmar, Medical Director at St. Clair Cosmetic Clinic someone looking to achieve a similar result can expect to inject anywhere from 2-4 syringes. Dr. Kuzmar warns that it’s very unlikely Kylie’s lips went from the “before” to “after” overnight. He likes to inject one syringe at a time (2-4 weeks apart) allowing the lip to stretch over time to accommodate the filler.

Subtle Enhancement for Natural Looking Lips
You’re a big fan of the “Kylie” but what if you’re looking for something more natural for yourself? You want a lip that’s tasteful and more plump but without looking “done.” On average it can take anywhere from 1-2 syringes to see a pleasing and noticeable improvement. The patient in this photo had one syringe of Juvederm Volift. If you’re wondering about cost each syringe can set you back between $600 and $700 or more depending on the clinic and injector. The type of filler used can affect the cost as well.


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