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Jowl Lift Without Surgery

Over 40: Jawline Enhancement and Jowl Lift Without Surgery

Chiseled Yet Feminine Jawline An Icon of Beauty

An elegantly sculpted jawline imparts a certain feminine allure that catches the eye. Think of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie or Cindy Crawford whose perfectly shaped mandible secured them in the ranks as some of the world’s most stunning women.

Eventually even these iconic beauties, as we all do, will experience the ravages of time. Unaddressed, their once sculpted features will give way to gravity and old age. But is there a way to prevent this? Can modern techniques achieve a jawline rejuvenation and jowl lift without surgery? The answer is a resounding yes!

The Miracle of Modern Day Non-Surgical Treatments

Anti-aging treatments have evolved a great deal since the early days of Thermage. Non-surgical options are available that keep the jowls in check and the jawline looking youthful even past middle age. Keep in mind, however, that jawline enhancement past the age of 40 requires some degree of skin tightening.

Procedure such as the Profound RF, for example, which combine microneedling with radio frequency energy, stimulate your own collagen and essentially rebuild your skin’s “scaffolding” for a lifting effect.

Dermal Filler for Added Jawline Enhancement

Once skin laxity has been addressed you can discuss with your cosmetic doctor if augmentation with dermal filler is a good option for you. Specialized fillers can offer several benefits post skin tightening. Juvederm Voluma in the cheeks, chin or along the jawline can be used to build volume, sculpt and shape the lower face for a more youthful and attractive contour.

Dr. Nino Kuzmar is a general practitioner practicing non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation and enhancement procedures for the face and neck. His extensive clinical experience, training and expertise in the area of cosmetic injectables, laser and energy based technologies spans 12 years. BOOK YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION

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